Bath Buddies - Bathtime fun for newborns and siblings

Bath Buddies - Bathtime fun for newborns and siblings

Bathtime can be a really relaxing time for a newborn, the weightlessness and warmth they feel in the bath can help ease wind and sore tummies - however, add in a couple of 'little helpers' and the once relaxing activity can soon turn into a stressful event ending in tears all round. 

Throughout my pregnancy Annabelle would tell me how she was going to look after her new baby sister when she arrived. Everytime we talked about baby or purchased something new for her, "I will feed Lottie, I will bath Lottie, I will put Lottie to bed, I will dress Lottie" It was a cute stage and lovely to think that she was looking forward to getting involved, cute in theory - not in practice!

For Newborn and Beyond

This is Lottie at 7 days old and a *very* keen Annabelle, who was adamant that she would be bathing Lottie. Although I was a hovering bunch of hormonal nerves, Lottie stayed relaxed (and afloat) in her bath buddy and we avoided the 3 year old tantrum and tears! It was a huge win during a turbulent time in Miss 3's life. 



Being a part of the bath time also helped Annabelle settle in to having an extra little person around. She really struggled in the first few months, I guess most kids do. We went into it thinking we had prepared her quite well, she was SO excited to have this baby sister, however once she was here the insecurities set in. The quiet of bathtime helped. Lottie was at her calmest and Annabelle knew she had to be gentle with her, especially being around water and they started to bond, Of course, there was still plenty of tears, but at least there was 20 minutes of calm to look forward to each day!

Sharing is Caring

The real fun then starts when they can share a bath. Annabelle was able to jump in the big bath with Lottie in the bath buddy and they certainly had fun. It was a good test to see just how buoyant it is - and I can hand on heart report, VERY. We had nightly rounds of "row row row your boat' and Lottie was launched 'down the stream' often, and with some ferocity as the song went on. However, she felt securely nestled and happy enough and Annabelle was having a great time! 


I talk about our bath buddies alot, especially if you have ever met me at Mary's Market or a Baby Show. They really are my favourite product - I thought it when Annabelle was little, but using it for Lottie and having Annabelle involved, it's a game changer.

And anything that makes parenting 2 kids easier and a little calmer, is fine by me. 

Enjoy xx

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