About us

Thanks so much for coming to visit www.minene.co.nz 

We are the family running this cool little business in NZ. 

I (Rebecca) started working for Minene in the UK in 2011 and after 5 fun years, I moved back home to NZ (with Scotsman in tow) and together we launched Minene in the NZ market. 

We started selling at markets, Mary's Market soon became a favourite, and as we settled into NZ life and the business started to grow, so did I! Annabelle joined our little Minene team in August 2017, 18 months after we launched. This gave the us a lovely little model and product tester and Annabelle soon became my amazing little picker packer helper. 

Lottie arrived in September 2021, making our NZ Minene team complete. 

Our range is handpicked from the Minene range, with the aim of suiting the NZ lifestyle and the busyness that is family life. There is nothing in stock that we haven't used and genuinely rated and enjoyed. 

Our bath buddies are by far our top selling product, but closely followed by stroller liners, booster cushions and our vest bibs. The seasonal clothing ranges are also gorgeous, especially with our love for dresses!

In October 2021, we are excited to be launching on The Market, so stay tuned for more on that. 

We are based in West Auckland and like all good SME, we do it all ourselves! I hope you love all our gorgeous products and have a bit of fun reading through the blogs. We hope that we will get to see you all again soon at a Baby Show, fingers crossed for 2022!

If you would like to contact me (Rebecca) please feel free! 

email: nzminene@gmail.com

phone: 027 426 0070

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