Bath Buddies - not just for newborns

Bath Buddies - not just for newborns

The Bath Buddy was always one of my favourite products. It was soft and friendly looking and you could tell that little bodies could melt into the beads and nestle in all snug. 

Once Annabelle was born I was excited to try it. The hardest decision was choosing which design she would have (I was bad at this decision and she now has most of them!) 

I remember her first bath vividly, we thought we wanted the water shallow (and safe) and she screamed through the whole, luke - warm, experience. I was disheartened that she hadn't warmed to my favourite bath buddy, nor enjoyed her bath in any way, shape or form. She literally looked at us with disdain once it was all over!  

However, once we worked out the babies like hot baths where they are immersed in water, bath time with her bath buddy quickly became her favourite time of the day. 

Annabelle using her green frog bath buddy - baby bath time

The bath buddy really has made baby bathtime the MOST fun. She relaxes in it, kicks about and Rob doesn't get a crick in his bath from bending over the big bath! We have used it in the baby bath, normal bath, shower floor and even in the paddling pool. 

Annabelle using her bath buddy from newborn.

A must have for new parents, parents with toddlers and newborns and parents who want to enjoy baby's bath time. Shop the range here 

Come and see us this weekend at the Hamilton Baby Expo at Claudlands Event Centre and see the full range! 

Buggy liner, Pram liner, Pushchair liner, Stroller liner , can a liner by any other name fit my buggy?

Buggy liner, Pram liner, Pushchair liner, Stroller liner , can a liner by any other name fit my buggy?

Liners - what's in a name?

You will see on the website that some of our liners are pram liners and others, pushchiar liners. The truth is, a liner is a liner! However, we seem to have so many names for them  that I (we) call them different things so that you can find them in your searches!

Our liners are designed with a universal fit in mind and so far, they seem to be fitting your buggy's just fine! I have a Mountain Buggy Swift and love the look of our liners on this pram. The bottom safety harness needs a little maneuvering when first getting through the bottom slot, however the overlocked edge does has room for movement and one you do it the first time it stretches to the right length and is a breeze to take on and off after that!

I also have a Bugaboo Chameleon 2 on the go, and they look DEVINE on this model! (photos to come shortly) 

Our stroller liners are made from 100% cotton and we currently have three different designs. 

Jersey Cotton Pram Liner - Made from a soft and cosy jersey cotton. Ideal for trans seasonal and autumn. Reversible design. 

Jersey cotton stroller liner

Reversible Pushchair Liner - made from a cool drill cotton, with a reversible design. Ideal for year round use for added padding, colour and giving baby a breathable surface to relax on. 

Reversible cotton pram liner. Ideal as a stroller liner and pushchair liner.

So whatever the model, I think our pushchair liners will be perfect for you! And if you have any questions or issues, please feel free to get in contact via email or on here!