Annabelle is almost 4 months old.... and this is my first post!

Annabelle is almost 4 months old.... and this is my first post!

I had the best intentions when I found out I was pregnant with Annabelle. I was going to take weekly photo updates to make into an amazing pregnancy video, blog about feelings & kicks and a dedicated vlog to the planning of her nursery. Lastly, once born, I was planning to blog about my favourite products, our daily stories and share cute videos. 

1 year after finding out I was pregnant and nearly 4 months after having Annabelle, I am happy to say I have done NONE of it! Turns out, being pregnant/having a baby and running a business is harder than Instagram would have me believe!

So to sum up the last year in bullet points (as opposed to the 104 blog posts I thought I would post!)

-Yay we are pregnant

-Oh, boo I'm 15 weeks pregnant and I have no bump

-Wow 18 weeks and there is the bump

-Yay it's a girl

-Let's do the nursery!

-Painting walls and home decor is more time consing than expected.

-How do pregnant women climb ladders?

-Yikes it's July and Baby Expo time! HELLO WAIKATO. Standing on your feet for two days solid + pack in + pack down + drive to and from Hamilton + 32 weeks pregnant = IDIOT but fun! 

-Final month of pregnancy... does it ever end? Oh wait, too much to do. Come 3 days late please Annabelle, I have the Auckland Baby Show to organise. 

-Two Little Monkeys, lets have a meeting about the Baby Show. Oh wait, is that my waters? But the baby show is in a week.... HELLO ANNABELLE!! happy feelings a flutter!

-Saturday and Sunday at Baby Show (with SO much help from family!) and 6 day old Annabelle is a dream!

-Annabelle is cute in her bath buddy...ooohhhhh

-How many muslins can one baby use??

-What do you do if you have a baby and don't have a baby brand?

-iphone storage full? What do you mean I can't have 4000 photos of Annabelle in Minene on my iphone?

-Open more muslins!

-She's dribbling, get a bib..... and another.... and another... and another...

-More bath buddy pics (awwwww)

-It's Christmas already? Oh dear....

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Hey guys! I wanted to keep you all up to date with upcoming markets and shows that we will be at! As well as fabulous products, I tend to have show specials as well as clearance stock and samples! Meaning you get some amazing deals and walk away feeling like you have scored a bargain. 

Mary's Market - Sarurday 8th April - Freemans Bay Community Hall

Auckland Mama Markets - Saturday 22nd April - Ellerslie Community Hall

Auckland Mama Markets - Sunday 7th May - Mt Albert War Memorial Hall

Mary's Market - Sarurday 13th May - Freemans Bay Community Hall

Mary's Market - Sarurday 17th June - Freemans Bay Community Hall

Waikato Baby Expo - Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd July - Claudlands Event Centre

Auckland Baby Show (if I don't go into labour first!!) 18th - 20th August - ASB Showgrounds


Christmas is coming.... and we are excited!!

Christmas is coming.... and we are excited!!

Christmas is in the air!! And in the lead up to this magical time (my all time favourite time of year!!) we plan to pop up at all sorts of markets in and around Auckland! Keep an eye out on our Minene Facebook or on our blog!

  • Auckland Mama Markets
Saturday 19th November - 9-12.30pm
Ellerslie War Memorial Hall


  • Mary's Markets
Saturday 26th November 9-1pm