Annabelle is almost 4 months old.... and this is my first post!

Annabelle is almost 4 months old.... and this is my first post!

I had the best intentions when I found out I was pregnant with Annabelle. I was going to take weekly photo updates to make into an amazing pregnancy video, blog about feelings & kicks and a dedicated vlog to the planning of her nursery. Lastly, once born, I was planning to blog about my favourite products, our daily stories and share cute videos. 

1 year after finding out I was pregnant and nearly 4 months after having Annabelle, I am happy to say I have done NONE of it! Turns out, being pregnant/having a baby and running a business is harder than Instagram would have me believe!

So to sum up the last year in bullet points (as opposed to the 104 blog posts I thought I would post!)

-Yay we are pregnant

-Oh, boo I'm 15 weeks pregnant and I have no bump

-Wow 18 weeks and there is the bump

-Yay it's a girl

-Let's do the nursery!

-Painting walls and home decor is more time consing than expected.

-How do pregnant women climb ladders?

-Yikes it's July and Baby Expo time! HELLO WAIKATO. Standing on your feet for two days solid + pack in + pack down + drive to and from Hamilton + 32 weeks pregnant = IDIOT but fun! 

-Final month of pregnancy... does it ever end? Oh wait, too much to do. Come 3 days late please Annabelle, I have the Auckland Baby Show to organise. 

-Two Little Monkeys, lets have a meeting about the Baby Show. Oh wait, is that my waters? But the baby show is in a week.... HELLO ANNABELLE!! happy feelings a flutter!

-Saturday and Sunday at Baby Show (with SO much help from family!) and 6 day old Annabelle is a dream!

-Annabelle is cute in her bath buddy...ooohhhhh

-How many muslins can one baby use??

-What do you do if you have a baby and don't have a baby brand?

-iphone storage full? What do you mean I can't have 4000 photos of Annabelle in Minene on my iphone?

-Open more muslins!

-She's dribbling, get a bib..... and another.... and another... and another...

-More bath buddy pics (awwwww)

-It's Christmas already? Oh dear....

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