Getting to know Minene - Large Storage Baskets

Getting to know Minene - Large Storage Baskets

Well, it has been an exciting couple of weeks for Minene NZ. 

Firstly, you are here! This means our name is getting out and about and you are all starting to love the brand just like I do! 

Week 1 was a little quiet as expected - very nerve racking for me! However once the word started to spread I was not surprised that the first item to sell was our Large Storage Basket - Grey Star

Since then our Storage Solutions has been the front runner and some of you are already on your second orders.

What makes our large storage basket so great you may ask? Firstly, it is made from cotton with a soft, padded polyester filling. This means it is super soft and safe for crawling and walking tots. Secondly, they are SO sturdy! I currently have one basket holding 100 swaddling muslins and it is standing strong and has been since they arrived 3 weeks ago! There is no room they wont suit and nothing they wont hold!! 

But the best thing about them.... your little ones will spend their life trying to get inside them and it is TOO cute

Large Storage Baskets

Happy shopping this week and enjoy!! 

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